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Jesus Pardons an Adulteress

I’m glad someone can see that the woman was forgiven by Christ Himself when He told her, “go and sin no more” because sadly, many churches have their lips zipped in the presence of those who are living in sin (their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th marriages), but when a spouse commits that particular offense, in order to justify the many adulterers in their congregation, they wrongly deem it THE unforgivable sin and encourage divorce!

God's Word for Women

I chose to use the word pardon here because I believe it is important for us to realize that when God forgives our sin, we are completely exonerated of our wrong-doing and made innocent through what Jesus did on the cross. It is as if we never sinned.

Satan knows that our human nature is to think back on forgiven sins and feel guilty and worthless because of them. He will bring the sins of the past to our remembrance in his attempts to hinder the work God wishes to do through us, but we must come against him. God assures us that not only does He forgive us of our sin, but he casts it as far away as the east is from the west – they never meet. When we listen to that stinking old devil and try to remind God, “Remember when I did that, I am…

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