Christ liberates people from bad religious habits



Many Christian Blogs today are written about habitual use of drugs and/or alcohol, moderate use of drugs and alcohol, depression, greed, prosperity, fornication or other sinful matters that commonly arise…but what about “religious habits?” For instance…Getting satisfied in hearing someone preach? Quoting scripture with a head full of knowledge and a heart full of sin, praying amiss or perhaps selfishly for “I”, “me”, or “mine”, or even going through the motions of church attendance without connection to Christ in the Spirit. Some religious people believe they can even “tithe” their way to Heaven. (This argument arose between myself and a very close family member). Religious habits can cause people to miss Christ.

The focus of this Blog targets the habitual religious practice of getting people saved and/or re-saved at every “altar call” or at every Church service that is attended. Some organizations call this deliverance services. Some just say we’re…

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