For Standing for Truth

Stand for truth! Speak the truth in love. If you find yourself not understanding Biblical passages, dig, re-read, study, become equipped. We are called to be disciples of truth and are told to be ready in and out of season to defend our faith. There are many church leaders coming to the realization that divorce is a HUGE problem amongst their congregations. Due to their failure to address unforgiveness, bitterness, etc… They unknowingly have been silent on matters in order to keep their membership numbers up, but what good is it if they don’t warn their members of “remarriage” and even worse-leading them into a false sense of security by ignoring the word of God, and allowing them to believe grave covers them to continue in their “legalized adultery” states rather than upholding the word of God and calling sin sin and teaching that it is indeed a matter of salvation! God will not be mocked. Pieces of paper do not dissolve marriages. Forsaking sin is repentance… By being silent on ongoing state of adultery, they are thereby giving their members reason to believe there is one sin you don’t have to forsake: adultery. The first 1500 years of Christians all knew adultery was not “fornication”and taught that without fail. Even secular writers knew fornication could never be committed when a marriage had taken place. Erasmus’ translation, King Henry XIII, and new translations done by Westcott amd Hort are the reason many have been taught that Porniea means a whole slew of sexual sins, but it is falsehood. Only death dissolves marriage. Please research this for yourself. This is a good sound site



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