Faith With Guts


There is spirit of defiance in our culture, an antichrist spirit, brazenly defiant against the Bible and the God of the Bible. There is an implicit, and more often explicit, attack on biblical values and morality. It is as if our present culture is waving one fist in God’s face and with the other hand shooting the middle finger at the Church. Some wonder what our society will come up with next…but when will individuals who claim to be saved stop griping and complaining about the ills of society and just say, “Enough is enough!”

I recently read of Sempronius Densus (69 A.D.), a seasoned Roman soldier of the Praetorian Guard, who withstood scores of mutinous soldiers, single-handedly. When a mob of soldiers determined to attack the palace and kill the Emperor, this centurion was the only one who would stand against them. Plutarch says,7d5de1acda7e240e4f7d506ac8ea418f

“No man resisted or offered…

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