How Will You Respond????


Have you ever had a moment where you realize that you are involved in an activity that violates God’s Law and you are not sure what to do? Have you ever felt helpless or hopeless because you are not sure what to do. If so consider this thought

It is not falling into the water,
but lying in it, that drowns.

When I look at this I can’t help but think how it can help us when we fall into temptation and sin. This is a reminder that it is not the falling that creates loss, it is not doing anything about it or remaining in the water (sinful act). There is hope as long as you are willing to remove yourself from this situation. The important thing is to act before running out of time. The Bible clearly teaches us that it is not the falling into sin…

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2 thoughts on “How Will You Respond????

  1. oneta hayes

    Thank you for your like on my “Mocking God.” I have been browsing your site and have read some good stuff. I’m curious regarding how you made contact with my blog. Anyway I’m glad. Thanks.


  2. Ink Pastries

    First great lesson I learned at Bible Study Fellowship International was the difference between remorse and repentance. Big difference, although the dictionary wouldn’t spell it out. Wallow in it and just be mournful you got caught, or continually self-deprecating to the point of worshipping the self (remorse) or repentance (confession and turning around–asking God’s help not to do it again). Nice post you re-blogged here.


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