Forgiveness Forges Alliance with Grace

I cried reading this!! Beautiful!!

Behind the Smile

In my recent posts, I have dealt with the harsh reality of infidelity in marriages and long-term relationships. I realize that some people will connect on both sides as both the victim of infidelity or the infidel. In this post, I am going to share my heart about how to overcome. Not just in a broken marriage or relationship, but to overcome in life. People are going to hurt you, life is going to throw some major blows. But how you chose to deal with life is how you overcome the circumstances you face. I often hear how do I forgive my spouse? How do I get over my mother leaving me as a child? How do I look past the faults of my father? Can I really forgive my molester?  These are intricate questions that I dare not try to answer in one blog post. But I can say there is a common thread and that is…

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