Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Galatians 6:7

So true!!

Discerning the Heart of God

I was thinking about Jesus when He was here on earth.  He sowed love, compassion, healing, salvation, truth, grace, goodness, jesus_sufferingmercy, wisdom, authority, faithfulness, generosity, trust, loyalty, humility, obedience,  and bore all our sins upon Himself.

What He reaped from the world  was, crucifixion, betrayal, pain, suffering, rejection, judgement, hate,  mocking. He was beaten, deserted, accused, lied about, and doubted

Is this then also our price here on earth for sowing Jesus?

Jesus said, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.

“Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it? Luke 14:28

I keep thinking how I seem to do  a lot of things wrong.  Yet,  I have done the most important thing right; I sowed Jesus.

“The righteous person may have many troubles, but the LORD delivers him from them all;”…

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