Inside my mind….

Behind the Smile

I made a decision to cheat. My pain, and my own selfishness made me throw caution to the wind, and I made a decision. I didn’t feel guilty. But I did feel the after math of my decision. I wanted it to be a relationship, not just a one night stand. I realized something, I wanted a real relationship. But wait I have a relationship, oh no, I don’t want that one because of course the grass always looks greener on the other side. But its only greener because you watered the other side instead of the side that you were standing on. S/he seemed like all the things I wanted, but when you really dig deep its unreal. S/he only shows you what you want to see at that time. It’s not authentic, is superficial. It does not really satisfy, it leaves you wanting more. Your left with emptiness and rejection…

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