The battle to not be consumed!

So true!!

Vows are easily broken, Vows are NOT easily broken


How do you respond when someone you love becomes what feels like your worst enemy?

Their behavior is confusing and they dump on you constantly.

Most often we react out of hurt.

What is necessary for the deliverance of pain will challenge you greatly.

It has me, and still continues to do so!

Recently someone was gloating in their evil deception and attempting to place a stronghold over my family.

I had to make the choice to operate either out of hurt or wholeness.

Thankful for the presence of the Holy Spirit to discern the circumstances, I chose to walk towards wholeness. By doing so~I diffused  evil intentions and completely silenced it!

Love is a powerful force!

I know that I know that people are not my enemy.

There is a stronghold that evil wants to place on my family and yours.

Don’t give it the opportunity! You have the…

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