Dirty little Love secrets and the Adultery clause!

Love this!!

Vows are easily broken, Vows are NOT easily broken


Does your life lead others to encounter love?

Why would I ask that question on a blog about adultery? At the most broken time of your life in the midst of betrayal love seems the farthest from you. Quite possibly your heart is so numb by the deep shattering of your heart in places you didn’t even realize existed. So whats love got to do with it?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing can overtake the presence of love. I’m not talking about the emotional high and the feel good vibes you get when you’re around someone. Or even how you’ve built your whole world around another person kind of emotion. I’m referring to the dirty, gritty, laborious, sweat dripping, body odor causing from the sun beating hard on your body kind of toil. You know where every bone in your body cries for relief because you j u s t   can’t  g…

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