Forgiveness: Don’t Forget What You Look Like!

So true!!


Good Morning,

Today’s post we will continue to explore Forgiveness, and how extending forgiveness is an act of compassion and love. We all want others to over look our flaws, our eccentricities, our failures, our sins or ugly characters. We cover with makeup, clothing, material possession  and hide behind religious doctrine to make ourselves appear less flawed than others, and while we our selves are portraying this image, we forget what we truly look like (James 1:22-25), holding ourselves to this grand ideal of perfection and  having “arrived to the Kingdom” and yet we judge others, ” look at what she did”, ” I can not believe he would say that”, If I were them…” However, we ourselves have fallen prey to the very temptations, habits and character flaws that plague all of humanity.

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