Families Reunite!

70 times 7!


Forgiveness Isn’t An Option

Show of hands… how many of us have a dysfunctional family to some degree or another? I bet just about everyone would have to agree that no family is perfect. They’re full of imperfect people, all cut from different cloths, have different ideas, come from different backgrounds (for those who have married into families), are in different places in life, and base their decisions on their own personal experiences. To think we should all think the same way is ridiculous. I have so many friends working through personal family issues, as well as personal experiences that are a little closer to home, and honestly, it makes my heart sad to see satan win.

Sadly, in addition to adult relationships, the disagreements or misunderstandings of the adults involved have an adverse effect on the children – nieces, nephews, cousins, etc. and they don’t even have a say. …

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